2019 wedding season is now underway. If this is your year, take a look at some of the trends. This may be a bandwagon you want to jump on…

Statement Cakes
With the popularity of weddings on the rise, brides are looking for ways to differentiate their wedding and make it memorable, and one way they are doing this is by having a statement cake, and no I’m not talking about a 42 tier cake with sparklers on the top. Here’s how they’re doing it…

Accent Walls
Another way brides are personalising their wedding is by adding accent walls. This not only creates a statement but it’s the PERFECT picture wall. Selfies all around! Fancy having an accent wall? Here’s some examples…

Flower Wall

Custom Illustrations
With e-mail being the most common form of communication these days, brides and grooms to be are making sure that their wedding stationery makes in impact when the postman pops it through your letterbox. One way they are doing this is my completely personalising their invitations creating a narrative for their big day.

Now on to the most important trend.. 2019 DRESS TRENDS!

Lace, Lace, Lace!
Lace will be a trend year on year but this year the traditional fabric has had a 2019 makeover. Brides are stepping outside the box and testing the boundaries with lace. Lace is not longer just a boho trend. Traditional brides have found a way to incorporate lace into their gown and step outside the lines.

The Princess Returns
But not in the traditional way. The new ballgown is light and airy, allowing the bride to not only survive the day without flailing, but enjoy herself from dusk till dawn.

Simple Elegance
Meghan Markle lead the way in the simple elegance trend. She looked effortlessly beautiful walking down the aisle to Price Harry in their May wedding. The classic look has come back in full force. Brides are craving that simple, traditional look but yet they’re finding ways to modernise it and we LOVE it!

– Charley xoxo


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