Autumn Wedding Ideas!

Ah, I just love an autumn wedding. Well I love any type of wedding, but autumnal ones just give me this warm fuzzy feeling. They’re so cosy and romantic. It used to be all about the summer weddings, but autumn has kicked summer in the butt recently. Couples are taking advantage of not only the above average autumn temperature, but also the discount of getting married out of the summer months.

Boho girls – this is your month! Everything that goes with a traditional autumnal weddings just screams rustic and boho, the colours, the themes, the decor, everything… and we LOVE it!

If you’ve booked an autumn wedding here’s some inspiration for seasonal decor and themes:

– Using twigs and branches as interior decor is another great way to bring the outdoors in

– The flowers, oh the flowers autumn brings with it are just spectacular

– Hay bales work brilliantly for a seasonal setting in a barn or a rustic venue

– If you can, pop a few baskets of blankets around because we all know it can get a little chilly in these evenings!

– You could also use small pumpkins (and no, it doesn’t have to be halloween pumpkins!) Pumpkins make great centrepieces – hollow and fill them with dried flowers for maximum impact… or fill pumpkins with ice and use them as wine coolers. Some of these pumpkin ideas are just AMAZING! I just can’t get enough of them!

– Warm drinks! Why not add a littlest of spice (literally) to your wedding and offer some spiced drinks, or mulled wine?

– Jams (in beautifully decorated jars) made with seasonal fruit are great favours

– Go cake cray cray – why not? They’re too cute not to…

There’s just too many amazing things you can do with an autumn wedding. Oh autumn, we love you and all you have to offer to the wonderful wedding season.

– Charley xoxo


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