9 Tips On How To Find The PERFECT Dress!

The Guide to Finding the PERFECT Dress!

Finding the perfect wedding dress doesn’t usually happen overnight, it takes some time, patience and a little research to find your dream dress. Hopefully I can make it a little easier by providing some pointers on how to find your dream dress!

1) Research – PINTEREST, PINTEREST, PINTEREST! I’m sure by now you and Pinterest are besties, so it’ll come as no surprise when I tell you that Pinterest is a must have to help search for your dress. Type in words which relate to you and your wedding, for example, ‘boho bride’, ‘lace dress’, ‘princess dress’… this will result in thousands of images popping up to give you some inspiration on what dress you think you’ll like.

2) Take the professionals advice – remember they have worked with numerous brides so they know what works for your shape and size. Take their advice and try on gowns which they pick for you, as more often than not, you’ll go for something completely opposite to what you expected!

3) Budget – If you have a budget then stick to it! Before you try dresses make sure you know they’re within your price range. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a dress you can’t have, so don’t do it to yourself (no matter how dreamy you think it’ll look!).

4) Time of year – You may be thinking ‘I don’t know if that’s too much beading’ but if you’re getting married at Christmas then girl, glisten away! No beading is too much beading for a Christmas wedding! Or perhaps you’re considering a 12 tier, princess ball gown for your wedding in Italy in the height of summer – don’t do it! You’ll feel like you’re carrying around an elephant and your make-up will have melted off by the time you reach your ceremony!

5) Find Your Shape – You may see models in these bridals campaigns and think ‘yep, that’s the one for me’ but let’s be realistic, those models are photoshopped to high heaven! Look at ‘real bride’ examples of the dress to see how it looks in real life. This will give you more of an idea as to whether it would suit your body shape. For example: if you love your waist but aren’t too sure about your hips try an a-line, or, if you’re a little on the shorter side, pop on a mermaid or an empire waist to give you some length…

6) Start searching sooner rather than later – it comes as a shock to many brides that you should start each 10-12 months before your wedding, but it can takes up to 8 months for some dresses to arrive, and you need to leave time for fitting and alterations. Try to avoid beginning your search with only a few months to go as you’ll only incur additional charges for a rush delivery and stress yourself out to the max worrying if it’ll arrive on time and have the time to be altered.

7) Don’t overload when searching – When you’re heading to your bridal appointments don’t take too many guests with you! Just take those who are the closest to you (mum’s usually know the best!). Taking your mum, siblings, friends, aunties, cousins, family friends and neighbours dog will only confuse you. Remember everyone has different opinions and different styles, so they will NEVER all agree on one dress. If you rely too heavily on other people opinions you will only make the search harder for yourself. Remember to trust yourself – you know what’s best for you and go with your gut!

8) Be open minded – go into our bridal appointment with an open mind and a willingness to try anything on – you’ll surprise yourself, trust me! The bridal assistant knows what style will suit you as they will have dresses lots of brides with your shape. Listen to them and try on styles which they recommend and remember… never judge a dress on the hanger. You HAVE to try it on before you judge.

Remember this is the most exciting time of your life so don’t forget the 9th and most important point… 



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