Ready to get Rustic?

Nowadays, many weddings are no longer carried out in the traditional manner they used to be. It’s about making your wedding personal to you, making it stand out and more often than not, it’s about making sure your wedding is different to your sisters, cousins, next door neighbours, and Facebook friends! In a world full of weddings, you’ve got to make sure yours is as ‘you’ as it can be! (Not forgetting your partner, of course!).

Rustic weddings are a way of describing a relaxed, boho, country themed wedding. A ‘Country Wedding’ just doesn’t sound as appealing, does it? So hands up to the person who discovered the word ‘Rustic’! The best part about a rustic wedding is that it can be done in a million different ways. We all know that a traditional wedding follows just about the same pattern (which, don’t get me wrong, is not a bad thing, I’m probably going to be a traditional wedding gal), but rustic weddings have given brides the freedom to diversify from tradition and go wherever they want with their wedding planning!

There are many different ways you can have a rustic wedding:

Perhaps, you’d like it to be in a barn…

Or maybe a tipi…

Or even just out in the open (you’ve got to be quite a risk taker to choose this option in the UK. Our track record of sunny days doesn’t exactly support this idea!) Nonetheless it is a breathtaking way to get hitched!

After choosing your venue, then comes the fun part – decorating! Rustic wedding decorations can be whatever you want them to be, and the best part, most of them can be done by you, thus cutting a hefty amount of costs! Take a look at some DIY rustic wedding decs below:

Jam Jars



Fairy Lights

Wedding Favours

Chair Decorations

Table Decorations

And why not even try your hand at creating a flower circle? They look really difficult but there’s plenty of aid online which can help you create something which looks like it cost you a few months worth of wages!

So what are you waiting for? Get your flower crown on, grab some scissors and glue and get DIY-ing!

Ciao for now xoxo

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